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Oculus Rift Plugin for X-Plane

Alpha 2

Source Code: On Github

Download: XPlaneOculus plugin alpha 2 build (Mac 64-bit only)

Windows build coming soon.

Alpha 2 is here! This is the first version where you can actually fly around in VR. Expect a windows build soon.

New features/bugs fixed:

Alpha 1

Source Code: On Github

Download: XPlaneOculus plugin alpha build (Mac 64-bit only)

This is a plugin for X-Plane that adds support for head tracking with the Oculus Rift virtual reality HMD.

3D rendering for the rift is not currently supported. I'm using Ibex to convert the X-Plane window's image to the format needed by the rift for now. It's not a perfect solution at all, but it's good enough for initial development.

Support for rendering in stereo 3D with the correct dirstortion for the Oculus' optics is a planned area of research, but may not be possible from an X-Plane plugin. Positional headtracking using a head mounted Razer Hydra is also planned.

Things are in pretty rough shape right now. Expect things to get better and more documentation to come after a few more hours of hacking.

How to get it running

Here are some quick and dirty notes on how I got everything running with ibex and everything. The plan is to make the Oculus plugin entirely self contained, so that there is no need for ibex, or anything external to the plugin itself, but I'm not there yet.

I was testing with x-planes fov set to 90 degrees, but you may want to try different values to find something that works for you.

  1. start with rift disconnected
  2. Set your display to 1280x800 (i think that's the res)
  3. start ibex
  4. connect rift
  5. in ibex position yourself relative to the virtual screen so that you the screen covers your FOV vertically
  6. hide ibex by pressing cmd-h
  7. start x-plane
  8. go to plugins->oculus plugin->init
  9. go to plugins->oculus plugin->start
  10. cmd-tab to ibex